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Operation Reunite

Reuniting One Family at a Time


Founded in 2003, Operation Reunite has made tremendous impact of reuniting families thanks to the help of board members and volunteers all across the world. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication to bring about awareness of DNA and we help Vietnamese adoptees learn about their heritage, deal with adoption related issues, and search for their birth family using DNA.

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Ways We Help

The Focus of Our Efforts

Learn about your heritage

Change for the Better

Deal with Adoption Related Issues

Transforming Lives

Search for Birth Family

Empowering Others

Jamie Fry, Australia

“Operation Reunite inspired me to take the journey on 'Discovering' who I really am, connecting me to family, past and present."

Tuyet Mua Thu, Vietnam

"The reunion process is amazing, thanks to the DNA kits they provided to me I was able to find my brother who was adopted from Vietnam to the US in 1975. I think without Operation Reunite I would never have found him."
* google translate used and converted from Vietnames*

Margi Johnson, USA

“Operation Reunite did well to prepare me emotionally, culturally, and otherwise as well as to support me fully in the search for my birth family which ultimately was successful on all levels. Trista Goldberg ( is trustworthy, personally-invested in the process, and a good friend.”

Donate A DNA Kit to Reunite Families

We encourage everyone to donate whatever you can since $79 will pay for a birth mother in Vietnam to take a DNA test.  This donation can make a dream come true of finding their children after 50 plus years of separation.  Operation Reunite is a 501 (c)3 so every donation is a tax deductible contribution and can make so much of a difference in the lives that have had so much heartache. Please join us in this mission of Reuniting One Family at a Time. We need your help to achieve our goals.

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